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Sodium Hexametaphosphate

Brief Introduction

Molecular formula: (NaPO3)6

Molecular Mass: 611.77

CAS No: 10124-56-8


Transparent glass flake or powder , sodium hexametaphosphate is able to dissolve in water and not  able to dissolve in organic solvents. The solubility is 2.484 g/cm3 and melting point is 616℃. sodium hexametaphosphate is hygroscopic in the air, and can absorb the moisture in viscose gradually.It can generate soluble complex with calcium and magnesium metal ions.


Food additive:

Sodium hexametaphosphate is used in meat, fish RouChang, ham, to improve the water and prevent oxidation,

Tech Grade Usage:

Sodium hexametaphosphate is used in the food industry, food additives, the nutrition of agent, PH value adjustment agent, metal ion chelating agent, adhesives, ,etc.

Storage and Packing

It should be kept away from air and moisture during storage and transportation.

25kg/bag 16mt/container; 25mt/fcl. 


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